Matthias Stuchtey
objects and works on paper
June 2015

Matthias Stuchtey – Spurwechsel
Objekte und Zeichnungen/objects and works on paper
13. Juli – 18. Juli 2015/June 13 – July 18, 2015

Vernissage/Private View: 12. Juni 2015 von 19-21 Uhr/June 12, 2015, 19-21

Einladung - Matthias Stuchtey – Spurwechsel

Matthias Stuchtey, 0,9075 qm Lack, 2015, Ikea-Tische der Serie Lack/
Ikea tables from the series Lack, 80 x 80 x 80 cm
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We are pleased to present Spurwechsel, a solo exhibition by Matthias Stuchtey, who lives and works in Berlin. We will display a wide range of his works, from objects built of Ikea furniture and other elements (for example Kullen) to works on paper of a complex layering of wood-stain, watercolours and ink. The sculptor was born in 1961 in Münster (Nord Rhine-Westphalia). He studied sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts Münster from where he graduated as a Masters student under Reiner Ruthenbeck. Matthias has been working for many years with various wood materials. He adopts the mindset of a researcher with regard to life, working with found material such as used furniture with history, MDF boards or brand-new interior fabrics straight from Ikea, but also with more or less valuable everyday items like orange crates and cigar boxes from which he creates new and wayward objects.

Deconstruction and construction characterise his process-like and playful artistic method, giving us an idea of what is important to him: a different perspective on life. Through construction, disassembling, cutting up panels and reassembling, for example the dresser Kullen, Matthias creates a series of new corpora, which reveal hidden, inner structures and new spaces. Values such as unity and stability are questioned, patterns of thinking and awareness are reflected.

Havanna I (1-16) is the title of a series of subtle objects made from cigar boxes. The artist transforms objects of everyday life into new entities and sculptures representing an intellectual game of edges and lines. Repeatedly, shape and structure are undergoing a renewed construction.

The angular objects and sculptures thus emerging evoke utopian cityscapes—sensitively arranged systems that afford the beholder governed glimpses through particular openings only. The objects and sculptures unfold spaces for reflection that not only provoke contemplation of urban problems and model living in the age of globalization but also take on artistic lives of their own, as sensuous-aesthetic constructions.

1961geboren in Münster/ born in Münster
1982-89Studium an der Kunstakademie Münster/
Academy of Fine Arts Münster
1988Meisterschüler bei/with Reiner Ruthenbeck
1989-91Aufbaustudium an der Kunstakademie München/
postgraduate studies at Academy of Fine Arts Munich
lebt und arbeitet in Berlin/lives and works in Berlin
Einzelausstellungen (Auswahl)/selected solo exhibitions
2015"Parameter - Objekte/Werkreihen", Galerie am Klostersee, Lehnin
2013"Self-Storage", Galerie im Rathaus Tempelhof, Berlin
"Nutznießer", nachtspeicher 23, Hamburg
Trabanten, C & K unterwegs, zu Gast im Projektraum FREIES MUSEUM Berlin
2012„Zwischennutzung“ Galerie Weißer Elefant, Berlin
2009„Schmarotzer“, Galerie 139, München
2002„Münchner Karton“, Büro Widmann-Heyne, München
2000„Fremd Körper“, Kunstverein Weil am Rhein
1999„zum Wohl!“, Kunstverein Region Heinsberg
„Tablett“, loop - raum für aktuelle kunst, Berlin
1998-2000„Stuchtey hilft - helfen Sie Stuchtey“
1997„säkular“, Fuhrwerkswaage, Köln
„travers“, Dortmunder Kunstverein
Gruppenausstellungen (Auswahl)/selected group exhbitions
2015„Feels like Home“, Galerie Peter Borchardt, Hamburg
2014„stückwerk“, Kunstverein Neukölln, Berlin
„homo ludens“, Haus am Kleistpark, Berlin
„touch“, Galerie Hartwich, Sellin (Rügen)
2013„Schnittmenge“, KunstWerk, Köln
2012„Konstellationen“, Haus am Kleistpark, Berlin
„Homegrown“, Ostrale, Dresden
„48 Stunden Neukölln“, Berlin
2011„Kunstperlen“, Konnektor, Hannover
„mail3“, Kunstverein Neukölln, Berlin
„Meet!“, Sofaloft, Hannover
„Schöner Wohnen“, Kunstraum t27, Berlin
2007„4x2“, Shedhalle, Tübingen
2005„Behaust-unbehaust“, Wasserspeicher, Berlin
2004„spacing“, Galerie Nord, Berlin
1999„SOMAVISION“, Galerie in der alten Schule, Berlin
„SOMA denkt“, Projektgalerie SOMA, Berlin
1998„local 0.1“, Galerie in der alten Schule, Berlin
„Schöne Aussichten“, Galerie im Brechthaus, Berlin
2012„Baukörper 1“, Matthias Stuchtey