After more than twenty years of work at Galerie Michael Schultz Berlin, Christiane Bühling-Schultz decided to embark upon a new beginning. In 2012, she teamed up with art historian Karin Rase, initially to curate joint exhibition projects. In March 2014, the duo opened their present gallery location in Berlin’s Mitte district. The core of the gallery’s program ensued from the wealth of relationships to artists that had been fostered by the two over many years of experience. They represent renowned German and international artists who explore, with singular approaches, the boundaries between the classical mediums of painting, sculpture and drawing. Independence and curiosity continue, in keeping with the words of Heraclitus, to inform their creed: ‘The only constant in the Universe is change.’.


Christiane Bühling-Schultz: Studied German and French Languages and Literature, 1989-2010 Gallery owner and co-partnership Galerie Michael Schultz Berlin, since 2011 has been working as an art consultant, curator and writer.


Dr. Karin Rase: Studied History of Art, German Language and Literature, Philosophy and Theatre Studies, since 1990 has been working as an art consultant, writer and curator.