AXEL ANKLAM (1971-2022) In Memoriam

1971 – 2022

Axel Anklam, who died on January 1, 2022 at the age of only 50 after a serious illness, leaves a big gap. The trained blacksmith and studied sculptor was a grandiose artist: he made light and even air the subject of his work and liberated non-objective sculpture a little further from its statics. Out of the spirit of constructivism, he dissolved the surface of his sculptures and reliefs made of steel and fibreglass into images perceived as moving. His reference to sometimes scenic, sometimes mythical inspirations and his implementation of sounds and music contrasting both abstract and concrete art with his own pictorial language, was completely unique. The Tony-Cragg-“Meisterschüler” Axel Anklam was, however, not only an artist with such diverse potentials and great plans, but he was also a friend, the best anyone could wish for – smart, always present, always lovable, always open to ideas. His art is now his legacy, but his loss is immeasurable. As his gallerists, we mourn the loss of Axel Anklam. Our thoughts are with his wife and children.

Gallery C & K Gallery, Berlin
Gallery Anja Knoess, Cologne
Gallery Rother, Wiesbaden
Gallery Schlichtenmaier, Grafenau and Stuttgart

Axel Anklam, Installationsansicht/Installation View Format (2017) C&K Galerie, Berlin