A.R. Penck, Lubomir Typlt
works on paper, graphics
October 2014

A.R. Penck – Lubomir Typlt 19(75)

A.R. Penck Arbeiten auf Papier von 1975 und Grafik/works on paper from 1975 and graphics

Lubomir Typlt (Meisterschüler A.R. Penck), Arbeiten auf Papier/works on paper

18. Oktober – 22. November 2014/October 18 – November 22, 2014

Vernissage/Opening: 17. Oktober 2014, 19 – 21 Uhr/October 17, 2014, 19 – 21

Ausstellungsansicht/exhibition view, A.R. Penck
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Painter, sculptor and graphic artist, A.R. Penck was born as Ralf Winkler in 1939 in Dresden. He has recently reached the age of seventy-five and so we are proud to present this range of some of his outstanding works on paper (mixed media, watercolour, ink, Tempera) to celebrate his special birthday. These works were created in 1975, five years before he left the DDR. These unique artworks are unrelated to his famous ‘Standartfigur’, matchstick men, which are part of his particular visual, symbolic language of symbols and simplified figures.

Characteristic of the sequence of art works we display in our gallery is the freshness and energy of Penck’s vibrant brushwork, an expression of his mindset. This work could be described as the testimony of the spiritual freedom of an artist for whom the feeling of claustrophobia in his environment had become unbearable.

We are also delighted to present the work on paper of the renowned Czech artist Lubomir Typlt, born in 1975 in Jilemnice. Now an internationally recognised artist, Typlt studied painting at universities in the Czech Republic and then gained a Masters Degree at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf where he studied under A.R. Penck. Typlt’s paintings captivate the viewer with their expressive colour and his savage and humorous view of the human race. Human figures appear sketchily in stark colours, as cloned actors, puppet-like within their external reality. This external reality, likewise, is a mere construction of form, shape and colour. Typlt’s figures come together in small groups but even though they seem to play together and communicate with each other, each of them seems to be lost. Attributes of the figures such as their elongated, Pinocchio-type noses and pointed caps are characteristic of these peculiar scenes. Typlt takes a sceptical view of society which offers neither security nor refuge.

PressRelease: Michael Nungesser: “Die Welt im Schwung – A.R. Penck zum 75. Geburtstag. Frühe Werke des Malers in dr Galerie C&Kunterwegs, in: Der Tagesspiegel, Kunst & Markt, No. 22 219, p. 33.

Biography by request.